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Sarasota, FL

Electric Muscle Stimulation

What is Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)?

EMS uses electrical current to stimulate both muscle and nerve tissue. Conductive pads are placed on the sore, hypertonic or congested muscle group to be treated. A very controllable current is introduced. Basically the electrical stimulation causes two huge microscopic events. First, the muscle tissue expands and contracts, this movement can be gentle and soothing or an iron pumping muscle building treatment. Secondly the minerals in your tissue become excited by the stimulation, they more actively pass back and forth through the cell walls and thus your system becomes more balanced, detoxified and re-nourished. EMS is a very effective modality because the treatment duration is relatively short and its effectiveness is underpinned by extensive research. It is also very efficient at treating more tissue at the same time, for example, by locating pads on your lower back and or hamstrings and treating them with EMS while I work on your neck and shoulders, Many more millions of cells are treated at the same time!

What does EMS do?

Through the therapeutic expansion and contraction of the muscle tissue and the increased permeability of the cell walls caused by the excited cells and minerals, many physiological actions occur.

Who can benefit from EMS?

Because of the many positive aspects of EMS, virtually everyone with muscle, tendon or muscle impinged nerve problems can benefit. The increased blood flow improves healing across the board. EMS will help improve the quality of life for those who suffer from:

In summation, because of it’s few contraindications, support from massive research and microscopically Huge effect on your soft tissue, EMS has been proven to comfortably help heal and relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, reduce pain and thus improve your quality of life.

**All above information is referenced from materials compiled by Advanced Massage of Sarasota, Inc.

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