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Ultrasound Treatment

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a method of massaging all soft tissue, muscle, tendons, ligaments, skin and even scar tissue using sound waves. Very high frequency sound waves, inaudible to humans and animals, are generated by the introduction of electrical current to a crystal mounted in the “sound head” of an applicator. The piezoelectric effect of the current causes the crystal to expand and contract, creating waves of pressure which are actually sound, similar to the undulations seen, heard and felt coming from an audio speaker, but again at a much higher frequency.

Ultrasound is a powerful modality that is very controllable. The depth of penetration into your soft tissue, the power or strength of the sound waves, the percentage of the sound wave presence in your body and the speed of movement of the sound head all dictate the effectiveness of each treatment, based on your specific needs.

What does Ultrasound do?

The sound waves entering your body cause cellular undulation witch causes friction as they rub against each other, the friction creates heat and increased blood flow. The heating and increased blood flow of therapeutic ultrasound has microscopically huge benefits:

The increased blood flow speeds healing, reduces swelling and edema (the main source of pain). The undulation from the sound waves painlessly relax hypertonic muscle tissue and soften the congested toxins trapped between tight unyielding cells allowing the increased blood flow to flush the toxins into the circulatory and lymphatic drainage systems. Congestion and toxins are quickly softened to be flushed. Your cell walls become more permeable allowing freer floe of toxins, nutrients and oxygen in and out of the cells. The nervous system is alerted to this activity and it releases encephalins and endorphins the body’s hormonal pain relievers. Ultrasound is a level one pain reliever, on par with all the controlled drugs, yet has no side affects and is completely un-invasive. Caliginous scar tissue can be softened and broken up with the soothing heat created by the friction of your vibrating tissue. Yet the heat can be controlled to the point of being non-thermal so the ultrasound can be safely used over metal implants such as prosthetic knees, staples, screws and rods.

Who can benefit from ultrasound?

An incredibly wide variety of ailments are treated. Anywhere there is a need to promote blood circulation, reduce swelling, edema and pain, ultrasound will help. Injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as scar tissue, swollen discs, inflamed bursa and for example carpal tunnel syndrome or TMJ, ultrasound is very beneficial. It is effective in reducing muscle tension as well as headaches caused by muscle tension. Treatments also reduce the pain, swelling and muscle tension of arthritis.

In summation, because of it’s few contraindications, support from massive research and painless, non-invasive treatment, ultrasound has been proven to comfortably help heal and relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, reduce pain and thus improve your quality of life.

**All above information is referenced from materials compiled by Advanced Massage of Sarasota, Inc.

The following are some of the used references as well as some web sites for more information. This is a site to see about seminars in the use of ultrasound.

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