Advanced Massage

Michael C. Speth, BS,MFA,LMT#MA35000

Sarasota, FL

About Mike Speth

The funny thing is, this career chose me, I didn’t choose it.  I became an instant fan of Massage Therapy 20 years ago upon meeting a therapist who helped me recover from 15 years of lower back pain.  Being a natural mechanic, inventor and fan of anatomy from my years in art school, I began to emulate some of his moves on friend’s sore necks, with exciting success.  I became hooked on helping people feel better.  In time, I sold a business I was working, went to school, got my license and here I am.

In eight years of practice I have gained a lot of experience and have studied many modalities and added them to my “tool box”.

My background is Neuromuscular, Sports, Relaxation, Massage Therapy.  What I do best is work with each client to identify their needs, from a soothing relaxing experience to resolving the riddles the human body presents us as we and our bodies move through the years.  I use my hands, thumbs, elbows, knees and sticks.  I will passively stretch you and do range of motion, I will teach you how and which muscles to stretch.  Working from careful clinical notes, I keep track of each session and thus learn for the next.

However, the most exciting modality I bring to the “table” is the option of a treatment system I have been developing with fellow practitioner Ed Weinstein, combining traditional massage therapy with ultrasound and electronic muscle stimulation. Ed calls it “MEDSSAGE”. We believe this combination truly moves massage therapy into the 21st century. The treatments are more comfortable and much more efficient regarding all aspects of soft tissue rehabilitation and maintenance. “You owe it to yourself to give it a try”, come experience the “art” of massage therapy.

Thank You

Michael C. Speth, BS, MFA, LMT MA#35000

Graduated Florida College of Natural Health, Oct. 2001

Became Nationally Certified LMT, Dec. 2001.

Advanced Massage of Sarasota, Inc. is my official business name.

Practiced in Orthopedic Doctor’s office, 2002-2005.

  1. Was the in house Massage Therapist, taking referrals from the Doctor.  This was an excellent opportunity to experience and treat a wide variety of issues.  Was taught and became proficient using Electronic Muscle Stimulation and Ultrasound.
  2. Started building my own client base between Doctor’s referrals.

Since 2005 I have been practicing at the “Glengary Massage Center” as Advanced Massage of Sarasota..

  1. I have kept my eyes open and proceeded with awe and respect into the microscopic world of treating soft tissue.
  2. This is my 6th profession, each previous experience has proven to be a Stepping stone on the path to Massage Therapy.

Member Florida State Massage Therapy Association

My license is current.

I am a 7 time national champion Stiletto catamaran sailor.

I have great CD’s