Advanced Massage

Michael C. Speth, BS,MFA,LMT#MA35000

Sarasota, FL


Medssage Treatment

What is Medssage?

  • Medssage is an exciting breakthrough treatment! The blending of traditional neuromuscular massage with ultrasound and/or electronic muscle stimulation maximizes the proven effectiveness of all three techniques in one treatment. The treatments can be painless and the tissue response is unbelievable. “You can feel your neck muscles release almost instantly“.

How is Medssage applied?

  • With a very high degree of accuracy, I palpate your tissue sensing areas that need treatment. Responding to the condition of the tissue (hypertonic, congested, edema, etc.), treatment is applied through the ultrasound soundhead or E-Stym pads, in conjunction with deep tissue massage techniques, suiting the your taste.

Why is Medssage so special?

  • The blending of all three modalities is more efficient in all aspects of tissue response. I have been fine tuning this “treatment” for a decade and recently with Ed Weinstein, owner of Glengary Massage Center of Sarasota, envisioning a painless uninvasive treatment that eclipses traditional massage therapy, bringing it to the 21st century.

Come experience the “art” of massage therapy.

Thank You,

Michael C. Speth, BS. MFA, LMT, #MA 35000