Advanced Massage

Michael C. Speth, BS,MFA,LMT#MA35000

Sarasota, FL


Quotes From Satisfied, Local Customers:

  • "It's been a real delight to be treated by Mike.  He has been able to help me tremendously with my numerous tension problems through a combination of different treatments.   The past 30 years, I have frequented numerous Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and even a Rolfer.  Mike's treatments have proven to be superiorly effective in healing due to his holistic, multi-faceted approach.  Mike is truly an Advanced Massage Therapist."  (Nana B. - Sarasota)

  • "Mike really listens to you.  He wants you to feel good and for your body to function at its best.  He is also interested in your experiencing long term results." (Rita H. - The Meadows, Sarasota)

  • "I really love the way Mike listens to me and is willing to try different things to give me the relief I'm looking for." (John D. - The Landings, Sarasota)

  • "Mike is genuinely interested in helping you feel better.  And he'll try different modalities until you see results.  This attitude and expertise make him unique among massage therapists."  (KH, - The Meadows, Sarasota)

Local References Who Don't Mind Being Called:

  • Michael Mansfield (545-3300)

  • Angel Sigorani (504-5353)